Saturday, September 8, 2007

Poll Results & Some Thoughts and News

Well, the poll is over and the majority voted in favor of leaving the current pattern. So be it! But to vary it just a little bit, I might add a compare&contrast article, like the one I did here, on two paintings by Rick Monzon. Overall, I'll try to keep it to five paintings from each artist.

Another thing I'm thinking about is how to arrange the archives better. I really would like to arrange the blog according to artists. I don't know if it's even possible on Blogger. I might need to change the template, which I am not very keen on doing. I'd be very glad to hear some ideas and advice.

On a different note, I have recently joined Blogcritics, where I am registered as Elijah. I have only published one article, it's about... "One Painting a Day" movement! Yes, movement, because this is what I believe this trend to be: an art movement, no less. Anyway, that's what I tried to prove in the article and you are invited to read it. There is even a new category created especially for One Painting a Day. You might also be interested in visiting Artmakr, where Ming, who started this great website, initiated a discussion on this issue. It's like a virtual Parnassus!

I don't want to re-post stuff I wrote for Blogcritics here, so occasionally I will just post a link here to the article there. I'm thinking that the best article structure would be something in the direction of the introductions I do here, plus a few paintings shortly reviewed -- a one time big feature on the artist involved. I should probably vary established painters with emerging ones, those with the newer blogs . As always, ideas&suggestions are welcome!

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